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Re: [Bug-cssc] Test delta/errorcase.sh -> E30 .. E32

From: Joerg Schilling
Subject: Re: [Bug-cssc] Test delta/errorcase.sh -> E30 .. E32
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 15:22:02 +0200
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James Youngman <address@hidden> wrote:

> > I am sure that you know that the existence of --something in many GNU tools 
> > did
> > already result in many non-portable scripts and there is no man page that 
> > warns
> > of using --something.
> CSSC doesn't do that though.

SCCS and similar tools are usually used by more experienced people who are 
expecte to have more knowledge on portability than a typical user of "gls".

> > If you don't include code in CSSC that automatically switches to binary
> > (encoded) mode, why did you write this test?
> I do include such code.

Then I don't understand the purpose of you test as it seems to verify that 
there is no such automatic switch to binary mode.

> > The last sentence is in conflict with historic SCCS behavior, but Sun 
> > chnaged
> > their copy to match POSIX. POSIX does not mention that -n if exquivalent, 
> > but
> > if we agree that the last sentence from POSIX -i should be interpreted to:
> > "The options -n -and -i are equivalent except for the parameter to -i", then
> > I would need to permit "admin -b -r s.foo" with SCCS.
> >
> > You however would then also need to permit "admin -r2 -n s.foo" with CSSC 
> > for
> > orthogonality.
> I just updated the test suite to remove the test for this case, but I
> haven't yet made the code change to actually permit this combination.
>  Swap it for admin -b -n :)

Well, do you agree that -n and -i should be interpreted as equivalent and that 
you should accept "admin -r2 -n s.foo"?

> > Do you have contact to the related people?
> I'm afraid not.   Indeed you indicated you think that no development
> has taken place on the Unix vendors' SCCS implementations since y2k.
>  I can believe it, and if that's true, there will be no such people,
> either.    I mailed a friend of mine who would be likely to know but
> don't expect a reply on that until the working week has begun.

Well, I offered my extensions to Sun a few years ago but apart from a note that 
showed interest, nothing happened. This is why I started to believe that the 
vendors might not have interest.

BTW: You may like to read the updated man pages, e.g. 


with more information on flag usage.


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