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DDD 3.2.1 (i386-redhat-linux-gnu) gets 'BadGC' error

From: Page Robert
Subject: DDD 3.2.1 (i386-redhat-linux-gnu) gets 'BadGC' error
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 13:05:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi --
     I installed ddd 3.2.1 from a power tools disk in
the Red Hat 7.0 distribution.  I made a really simple
little program that just moved some characters around
in arrays.  I compiled with "gcc -g -o display3
display3.cpp."  Then I did "ddd display3" and the GUI
debugger launched (I was very hopeful at this point)
but when I tried to open a source window (or do
anything else, because I tried several different
things) ddd crashed immediately and gave me the 'BadGC
error' message.
     I saw in the error log that the error had
something to do with fonts.
     Earlier I had found openmotif on the Red Hat
power tools disk and installed it, because the ddd
install routine said ddd needed it.  So I think I
covered that base.  But something else is wrong.
     Do you have any ideas for me?
            -- thanks              -- Robert

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