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Re: your PHARpeiM

From: Janeka Chapdelaine
Subject: Re: your PHARpeiM
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:02:03 -0400

V m I g A j G p R q A t   v $ r 3 k , x 3 t 3 m
V a A n L q I p U y M t   i $ e 1 d , s 2 u 1 d
X l A l N r A v X g
C i I h A m L s I r S g   c $ y 3 s , i 7 t 5 a
S q A r V f E s   q O y V c E y R h   z 7 o 0 c % z   x W t I g T w H j   n O f U w R a   d S i H z O s P h ! s
Jason replaced the phone, tempted to pick it up again and reach the
Pont-Royal, but this was Paris, the city of discretion, where hotel
clerks were loath to give information over the telephone, and would
refuse to do so with guests they did not know. He dressed quickly, went
down to pay his bill, and walked out onto the rue Gay-Lussac. There was
a taxi stand at the corner; eight minutes later he walked into the lobby

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