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Re: wiw test

From: Chantal Sipes
Subject: Re: wiw test
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 02:31:30 -0700

X & N A X
V A L / U M
P R 0 Z ^ C
A M B / E N
V i & G R A
C i & L i S
S O M &
L E V / T R A
M E R i D / A

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until all the dwarves had gone away. Suddenly he found that the music
and the singing had stopped, and they were all looking at him with eyes
shining in the dark.
Where are you going? said Thorin, in a tone that seemed to show
that he guessed both halves of the hobbits mind.
What about a little light? said Bilbo apologetically.

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