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[Bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue V Slow (1.10)

From: ddrescue.admin
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Ddrescue V Slow (1.10)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:09:33 +0100

I am recovering an 80-GB HDD and V1.10 seems much slower than the original
version I was using (1.2?) - currently has been running for nearly 24

The logic of the old version was fine as it only read a failing sector twice
- once when it tried to read the 'large' block of sectors, then again when
it was reading the smallest possible group of sectors (native block size).

Now I suspect that failed sectors are being read multiple times - unless
there is some cleverness going on with identifying how many sectors were
read successfully on a failed 'large' read... I suspect the 'trim' works by
reading until an error is hit & it looks as though the split process doesn't
always drop to the raw block size but tries to read larger blocks initially?
It is 'expensive' in time to read a failed sector - on the current disk it
is causing IDE bus resets every time a failed sector is hit which is causing
it to run at a snails pace!


David Mitchell

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