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bug#44703: Inadequate documentation of dejagnu.exp

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#44703: Inadequate documentation of dejagnu.exp
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 21:57:47 -0600
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Robert Menteer via Bug-dejagnu via wrote:
Section 5.1 implies each unit test is batch process. Section 5.2 states that dejagnu.exp can be used for testing the batch processes for unit testing. Section 4.6 says to look examine the GNU GCC testsuite for how to write test for batch processes.

When referring to the manual, please include the titles of the sections; the section numbering has recently changed and will continue to change as the manual is reorganized.

The section on using dejagnu.exp states little TCL is needed but the GNU GCC tests have thousands of lines of TCL. It took me many days before I finally did «find / -name dejagnu.exp» and looked to see how to write an xxx.exp file for a unit test.

Please document how to use the procedures in dejagnu.exp and supply a minimal unit test xxx.exp file like the one below.

In current Git master (soon to be a 1.6.3-rc), there is a chapter 6 "Unit Testing" and additional improvements to the existing unit test support in dejagnu.h are a notable item currently planned for 1.6.4.

load_lib dejagnu.exp
host_execute $srcdir/unit-code/t_opts

I believe that the current manual adequately explains this, but I will add a note to my TODO list for the ongoing larger manual restructuring.

Closing report as already fixed; not in current master.

-- Jacob

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