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Re: [bug-ed] Cut buffer does not persist between files

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [bug-ed] Cut buffer does not persist between files
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 23:43:20 +0100
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Hi Bob,

Bob Proulx wrote:
And so if you asked me what the 'x' command did I would have said it
did encryption!

Interesting. I didn't know.

So maybe this new fangled 'y' command and different 'x' command
instead of encryption will catch on.  Maybe not.  Who is to say?  It
is only been in GNU since 1994 after all.  Wouldn't want to rush into
things.  But if you depend upon it and then end up on a BSD system you
would find it a missing feature there.  So perhaps it is better to
stick to the common functionality anyway so that the fingers don't
learn habits that don't port well.  :-)

I don't use ed frequently, but I don't think the yank buffer is very useful as it is, given that one can already copy or move lines in the buffer with the 't' and 'm' commands. Also, making it persistent would need to use a temporary file. So I think it is better to explicitly use a temporary file when needed, as Paul and Martin have already explained.

Best regards,

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