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Re: [bug-fdisk] bug-fixed

From: Christian
Subject: Re: [bug-fdisk] bug-fixed
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:12:11 +0200
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Leslie P. Polzer wrote:
I have a bacup of disk but there is a tool or a trick's  to do this
task? For example a virtual disk?

libparted supports this (example: dd if=/dev/zero of=DISK count=0
seek=64 bs=1M), so if fdisk uses it correctly this should work.


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Excuse me but this don't work on my system:

  ~/PATH/ dd if=/dev/zero of=mydisk count=0 seek=64 bs=1M
  0+0 records in
  0+0 records out
  ~/PATH/ ./fdisk ./mydisk
  Error: ~/PATH/mydisk: unrecognised disk label

Should I format the image before using fdisk on?

PS: Excuse me for orrible errors in my previous message but I wrote it after teen hour of work, with only
one idea on my mind: go bed! :)

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