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Re: [bug-fdisk] bug-fixed

From: Christian
Subject: Re: [bug-fdisk] bug-fixed
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:09:35 +0200
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Leslie P. Polzer wrote:

<tt>]> It would be better to fix fdisk, something's not right</tt><br>
Excuse me but I'm not expert and confused... <br>
<blockquote><tt>~/# mkfs.ext2 DISK</tt><br>

Okay, watch it here. You're not creating a partition table
(aka. label) on DISK but a file system.

First the `n' command don't work and don't print an error message...

Yeah, can't create a partition when there's no partition table.

but my question is?<br>
Fdisk should work with a file without filesystem?<br>

Yes, definitely -- it's a partition editor, not a file system
editor. The real point here is that it should work with
plain files with or without partition tables.

GNU Parted can do this.


 $ parted DISK
 (parted) mklabel

This will create a valid partition table on DISK.


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Ok! :)

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