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Re: Findutils 4.2.6 is released on alpha.gnu.org

From: John Levon
Subject: Re: Findutils 4.2.6 is released on alpha.gnu.org
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 15:51:17 +0000
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On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 03:40:28PM +0000, James Youngman wrote:

> `find' takes it from the information parsed out of the line you just
> quoted, by the getmntent() library function.

Yes, I know.

> I have just discovered that the initial version of the patch is
> predicated upon the wrong preprocessor directive (though one that

Ah. I assume your code isn't really bothered by the fs type? A racing
manual "mount -F nfs" would still work OK?

> achieves the same effect on Linux).   Could you try applying the patch 
> http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/download.php?item_id=3998&item_file_id=1901
> and tell me if that really resolves the problem this time?

Doesn't compile (MOUNTED is not defined). Sorry a  bit busy atm, will
look later


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