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Findutils 4.2.7 is released on alpha.gnu.org

From: James Youngman
Subject: Findutils 4.2.7 is released on alpha.gnu.org
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 23:26:47 +0000
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I'm happy to announce the availability of findutils version 4.2.7 at

The findutils 4.2.7 release includes some functional changes and
documentation improvements, but notably it should work better on
Solaris in the presence of automount than findutils-4.2.6 did.

The NEWS file for this release says :-

* Major changes in release 4.2.7
**  Functionality Changes
*** xargs can now read a list of arguments from a named file, allowing 
    the invoked program to use the same stdin as xargs started with
    (for example ``xargs --arg-file=todo emacs'').
**  Documentation improvements
*** The Texinfo manual now has an extra chapter, "Error Messages".  Most 
    error messages are self-explanatory, but some of the ones which
    are not are explained in this chapter.
**  Bug Fixes
*** Avoid trying to link against -lsun on UNICOS, which doesn't need it or 
    have it.
*** Bugfix to the findutils 4.2.6 automount handling (which hadn't been enabled
    on Solaris).
*** Reenabled internationalisation support (which had been accidentally 
    disabled in findutils-4.2.5).

I'd be very grateful if people suffering from the "[directory-name]
changed during execution of find" error and anybody using automount
could check this.

As I understand things, the symptom of the error is that "find
/net/blah -name xyzzy -print" will issue an error message and exit
instead of running to completion if /net/blah is an automount mount
point which isn't currently mounted when you run "find".

Also, if anybody is using Ultrix, I'd be grateful for a general update
on how well findutils-4.2.6 works on that platform.   Thanks.

James Youngman

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