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[bug #14619] find -perm +... broken in 4.2.25

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [bug #14619] find -perm +... broken in 4.2.25
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 08:38:50 -0600
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Follow-up Comment #10, bug #14619 (project findutils):

You had a slight typo in comment #9 - with umask 0022, the mode "+r"
evaluates as 0200 (or perhaps you meant umask 0002, to get 0220), from the
point of view of chmod.  But your doc patch looked nice.

See my note 1 at the end of comment #3.  POSIX has an ambiguity on whether
the mode bits of -perm obey umask on + and - and ignore it on =, or whether
it ignores umask for all three of +, -, and =.  I believe findutils' current
behavior of ignoring umask in all three cases is probably okay, but it is
probably worth a question to the austin group to see if our interpretation is
correct.  I note also that in Solaris 8, find obeyed the umask (although there
were other places where -perm was non-POSIX compliant, so it is not really the
best comparison point).  I don't have access to Solaris 10 or any other
implementation of find that claims to be compliant, for comparison purposes.

Also, I realized that I was slightly mistaken in comment #3 - "x" is not a
valid mode ('x' is only valid when proceeded with an op), so -perm +x in the
older versions of find should not have worked, and -perm /x does not work
now.  However, if it is desired, find could treat mode "x" as an extension to
POSIX, as equivalent to "+x", so that -perm /x could be shorthand for -perm


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