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Re: findutils 4.2.27 on IRIX 5.3

From: Georg Schwarz
Subject: Re: findutils 4.2.27 on IRIX 5.3
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 20:30:35 +0100 (CET)

> On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 01:47:08PM +0100, Georg Schwarz wrote:
> > > Later versions (1995, I think) of the ANSI C standard require it.  The
> > > file which you can't compile is part of gnulib, but gnulib only builds
> > > on ANSI-standard-compliant systems.  
> > 
> > is it possible to build fileutils without gnulib?
> Fileutils is now called coreutils and required gnulib.  Findutils also
> requires gnulib.

I meant findutils. Anyway, I can build the latest coreutils (5.93)
So gnulib should compile, shouldn't it?

> > Or is findutils 4.2.23 the end of the road for IRIX5?
> If you have a c89-compliant system, which I guess IRIX5+gcc is, then I
> believe that gnulib will continue to support it.

I use IRIX IDO cc, buit even with that coreutils works.
> So, if we can get a tested patch to the one file that doesn't compile,
> so that the code builds on IRIX5, there's every chance to continue
> supporting IRIX5 in findutils-4.2.28 and/or findutils-4.3.0.
> Because I don't have access to an IRIX5 box, I can't test a patch so
> I'm relying on you to do that.  

Sure; I'll be happy to do so.

Georg Schwarz    http://home.pages.de/~schwarz/
 address@hidden  +49 178 8545053

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