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Minor typos on find(1) manpage

From: S.-H.Zimmermann
Subject: Minor typos on find(1) manpage
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 18:59:11 +0200
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Hi, all,
the find(1) manpage looks really good.
This is rather important, since that utility is not the easiest one
to understand and to use.

Some minor details which might be fixed:

  ( -context ...  non-standard extension, okay with me )
not in alphabetical order.

Same goes for

  "This *IS* a much more secure method"

       period instead of comma in list in ().
       Identical under HISTORY.
   Other predicates:
       "The POSIX standard requires that<very hard break>
        The find utility shall detect ..."
       Something is wrong wiith this sentence.
   -perm /mode
      even lower importance ...
      a hyphen might be inserted before the name 'perm'
      "... with the behaviour of perm -000"

      actually spelled with 'z', "internationalization"
      (see LANG,LC_ALL above; that's why I18N has been invented).
      LC_MESSAGES internationali*s*ed?

Splitting my last hairs now,
   "use of the -exec option"
   is actually an "action"
   (several times; mostly called 'action', should be consistent).

I've seen those on manpages and
found them also e.g. at http://linux.die.net/man/1/find
but I'm not sure who is maintaining the genuine text
and who is copying from other resources.


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