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question on translating branched releases

From: Eric Blake
Subject: question on translating branched releases
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:04:06 -0600
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The findutils project currently has two active release branches - 4.2.x is
stable (no new features, just bug fixes; 4.2.27 is the most recent .pot on
TP, but there have been changed strings in the current 4.2.31), and 4.3.x
is developmental (new features and strings are added regularly; including
in the current 4.3.8 .pot file on TP).

Should .pot files be cumulative, where the 4.3.8 .pot file will also
contain any strings unique to 4.2.31 but not in the 4.3.x series?  My
initial reaction is that they are not cumulative, because the .pot file is
generated by running xgettext on the current sources, and contains line
numbers, so a translator trying to improve messages for 4.2.31 could be
confused by the .pot file for 4.3.8, possibly missing source strings that
have diverged between the two branches.

Therefore, is there a way for the TP to track two branches of current .pot
files, rather than assuming that the most recently submitted file is the
only one worth working on?  Also, what URL would I use to access the most
recent 4.2.x translations, seeing as how
http://translationproject.org/latest/findutils/ only grabs the 4.3.x
translation if one exists?

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