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Re: question on translating branched releases

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: question on translating branched releases
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:06:08 +0200
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Eric Blake wrote:
> The findutils project currently has two active release branches -
> 4.2.x is stable (no new features, just bug fixes;

(Not entirely true: --show-limits was added to xargs.  :)  But that 
as an aside.)

> 4.2.27 is the most recent .pot on TP,

That is because the newer 4.2.* versions were never announced to the 

(Most of the 4.3.* versions were not announced either, but I saw 
those pop up on my distro, so submitted a request for them.)

> Should .pot files be cumulative, where the 4.3.8 .pot file will
> also contain any strings unique to 4.2.31 but not in the 4.3.x
> series?

Not a good idea, for the reasons you explained.

> Therefore, is there a way for the TP to track two branches of
> current .pot files, rather than assuming that the most recently
> submitted file is the only one worth working on?

Done.  The domain has been cloned to findutils_stable.

> Also, what URL would I use to access the most recent 4.2.x
> translations,




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