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Fwd: sorta of a bug "ramzswap"

From: Bill Baker
Subject: Fwd: sorta of a bug "ramzswap"
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 11:55:34 -0700

Hi All,

If you can mod and post all this, only if it helps the cause, you have my

Just trying to help :) , you are going up against a monster BT, and just
thoughts as I haven't had a chance to work with you much...  I think as much
as I'm starting to like the Gnome having never used it before that it is top

A strange thought maybe, how difficult would it be to force a desktop change
when moving from normal work i.e. spreadsheets etc... to security work...
you could change the desktop's for all the normal stuff but would be locked
into a specialized desktop/sandbox with additional security but less top
heavy i.e. fluxbox etc... but stay consistent on the security desktop as
that will create a psychological comfort once they got used to using
something more minimalistic and long term, create a fixation on how things
should be done, make them feel elite in that world...

This would also provide them with the additional computing power needed to
do the deed.  Make it explicit why you do it that way, like having two
desktops in one, just the  other is more secure...  It should automatically
put them under multiple proxy, cover tracks, change mac's, VPN, stealth,
covert etc... unless they chose otherwise, but I think that should be the

It would be comforting for them to spread their wings knowing they were in a
specialized environment...

BT right now is shifting all over the place and is going to scare some off
do to the changing of desktops over the next few years and there bunch of
dick head mods... not that I don't understand and actually appreciate their
forcing people to flee because they haven't even taken the time to research
the problem, show the research and ask good questions (logical
framework)...  Google is my best friend other than my wife ;)  They just
approach it in such a shitty, snobby way... but they didn't  really have a
competitor so it worked for them...

In sales we call it the push pull... we push you away to gather more info
and make you feel stupid if you don't already, and then when you do show
back up we in a sense greet you into the family... as the ultimate goal is
to bring you into training and if i can't get you to do some work/research
on your own then you probably are not a good candidate for school as it is
intense and cost money...

Sorry, now I'm wandering all over the place...  Adult ADD with hi IQ is a
bad mixture... I know what I'm thinking... how come you don't... lol ;)

Later, if nothing else maybe you got a laugh out of it ;0

Bill Baker

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bill Baker <address@hidden>
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 9:57 AM
Subject: Fwd: sorta of a bug "ramzswap"
To: address@hidden

HI All,

If this is a big  hassle just yell, I had other plans... you sidetracked me

Plus if I'm yelling... cause I'm an ass about this stuff...  That means
there are  probably others who say nothing and give up...

And yes I researched your site and others and couldn't find a  way to do it
with out having to mess with the kernel and I'm just not ready for that
yet... soon though ;)

Toshiba is an a105-s101, if you need reports yell but damn it seems like it
would be easy after all the ready i did because it all comes down to that
equation... probably oversimplify it...  everything touches everything else

ramzswap compcache

Might be a good link to check out on

In case not clear this was regarding blackbuntu, I will also be dual or
tri-booting and testing virtual scenarios on 3 to four laptops with a
router, switch and all hard wired sp as to harden security along with other
measures.  Other than bios which I will find a solution for soon... maybe
coreboot(linuxboot), seabios, smartboot, efi, uefi, rxboot, marsboooot(just

I was hacked badly just recently which required changing my life
basically... I had to DOD wipe drive on everything. change bank accts etc...

It was fun to watch and educational and I probably stayed around too long...
It's not often as a budding pentester, hacker, coder etc... that you get to
watch it real time happening.... for many days and accessing my admin email
in windows which i never considered to send reports.... If I encrypted a
profile, a new one would pop up etc... It kept morphing files, disguising
executable's and then they would check in once or twice a day etc...
Wireshark and other scanners caught most of it... crazy to watch a netstat
-a -o  go from listening to all of a sudden running regex strings cause you
changed things to mess with them and then the ultimate yu.pwn.xxx.xxx
Chinese my guess but who know's.... looking through the files... definitely
foreign as per english was weak, not that mines any better lol ;)

I was chasing a bad person and walked into the wrong building lol...

He was a pedophile and conning people out of there money as a financial
guru/mentor though so it was worth it, and I backup my machines daily and
image them weekly...  He was caught if that's any consolation.

I just decided that if I'm going to do this kind of work I needed to harden
my systems and your distro magically popped up so would like to get it on
all machines as the first distro do to it's ability to do other then
pentesting... guess I could of chose a non pentesting distro but hey if you
got blackbuntu and then BT... still waiting for new release and then one
other on each machine that is different so as to be more fluent gnu/linux
wise... or just linux wise, maybe a totally linux on one...

If I can't pull this off then the new Debian 6 will be my main as everything
is built off from it, just not as convenient to set up.

My next purchase will probably be a hardware firewall and then a bubble to
surround myself ;)

Linux in general and then with built in defense isolating different groups
of components etc... Just seemed where I needed to be... windoze too full of
holes that get fixed too slowly.

 Bill Baker

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bill Baker <address@hidden>
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 8:24 AM
Subject: sorta of a bug "ramzswap"
To: address@hidden

Help, running out of time to get this network up...

On trying to install on a Toshiba with less than 500 MG Ram I get a fatal
error... It has to do with restrictions that you put in place and i can't
find them so guess they are in kernel or lib some where  like " if ram is
<=500 then term ramzswap" which then totally disengages my install.  Please
remove this requirement or lower it or maybe another work around.

Thought about checking newest kernels 3.0.1 OR 3.0.1 rc1 as they look like
they address this or compcache.

In my mind it would just be simpler to lower the ram requirement and I'll
add swap and just tell me where to teleport it from lol ;)

Bill Baker

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