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Re: [bug-gawk] zerofile function

From: Manuel Collado
Subject: Re: [bug-gawk] zerofile function
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 16:44:56 +0200
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El 16/05/2013 14:23, david ward escribió:
I don't know if this a bug or not but I get a syntax error when when
trying to pass ARGC[Argind] to zerofile. gawk version: 4.0.2 OS: Ubuntu 12.4

#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
# All known awk implementations silently skip over zero-length files.
This is a by-product of awk's implicit
# read-a-record-and-match-against-the-rules loop:
#  when awk tries to read a record from an empty file, it immediately
receives an end of file
# indication, closes the file, and proceeds on to the next command-line
data file, WITHOUT executing any
# user-level awk program code.
# Using gawk's ARGIND variable , it is possible to detect when an empty
data file
# has been skipped.

      # zerofile.awk --- library file to process empty input files

      BEGIN { Argind = 0 }

      ARGIND > Argind + 1 {
            v = ARGV[Argind]
          for (Argind++; Argind < ARGIND; Argind++)
              zerofile(a, Argind) # get syntax error for ARGV[Argind]


      ARGIND != Argind { Argind = ARGIND }

      END {
          d = ARGV[Argind]
          if (ARGIND > Argind)
              for (Argind++; Argind <= ARGIND; Argind++)
                  zerofile(d, Argind)

  my zerofile function
#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
function zerofile(a, Argind )
    print ARGIND,Argind, ARGV[Argind]

I wrote this to understand  how the post increment operator  took effect
on the parameters

Works Ok with GNU Awk 4.0.1 on Windows XP. No syntax errors, gives expected output.

Manuel Collado - http://lml.ls.fi.upm.es/~mcollado

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