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[bug-gawk] GAWK version 4.1.3 not processing lines over 28821 chars

From: Ramon Salcido
Subject: [bug-gawk] GAWK version 4.1.3 not processing lines over 28821 chars
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 23:54:06 +0000

Hi team,


I’m using gawk version 4.1.3 to clean up the attached file, but it’s not processing the lines that are more than 28821 characters, it simply produces an empty line.

You can see this is if you use the following command:

·         gawk “!/- /” Gold_Application_output.csi > Silver_Application_output.csi


It should process the 2 lines that start with:

·         CREATE Application  name="GDesktop_TENANT_SG01_28_BSV028_1"

·         CREATE Application  name="GDesktop_TENANT_SG01_28_BSV028_2"

It simply produces an empty line.


Can this restriction be eliminated from the code?

If not, what other alternative do you recommend?


Thank you for all your help,

Ramon Salcido | Senior Engineer | PSS Help

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