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Miss. Rosemary

From: Rosemary Diepreye Alamieyeseigha
Subject: Miss. Rosemary
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 01:27:05 +0000

Attn: Sir,

I am. Mrs. Rosemary Alamieyesigha the daughter of the Governor Bayelsa state in the Federal Rep. of Nigeria. This is to let you know the incredible twist which take place on Saturday Sept. 18 2005 that lead to my father's arrest in London over alleged cash of 1 million pounds starling found in him as a Governor.

However, the metropolitan police allegedly recovered 1 million pounds starlings during a search on him after his alleged involvement in a financial crude oil deal he made with foreign group. Envious political opponents set up my husband. And latter was detention in London by the British Police.

Based on this information, I wouldn’t like the rest of the money hidden by me to tone of USD$20 million currently in Amsterdam Europe to be taken away from me just like that.

I therefore, write to solicit your humanitarian assistance in providing me a well-secured account where the remaining USD$8.000.000 million will be transferred into upon your instruction. I know that Dad will be probed by the current civilian Govt. due to his name appearing in news & dailies papers on the financial deal. My Dad will be charge for money laundering

I will like you to help receive these funds for us in your country. I will like you to please send to me your telephone and fax contact for easy communications.

and also to receive this money on my behalf. You will be entitled 20% and 80% to me because I wouldn’t like to loose all at the end of the case. Waiting to read from you soon.

Yours faithfull,
Miss. Rosemary D.Alamieyesigha

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