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Williams Chambers

Subject: Williams Chambers
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 19:37:35 -0600

Dear Sir/Madam.


First, I must solicit your confidence in this promising transaction, this is by virtue of it's nature as being utterly Confidential. I apologized using this medium to reach you for a business transaction of great magnitude requiring maximum confidence. I have decided to seek a confidential co-operation with you on behalf of my client (Late General Sanni Abacha) who is dead some time ago.

My client's family are Seeking an urgent help to enable them receive his deposited funds with a global Firm Oversea,the Security Firm after endorsement to enable the Offshore Correspondence welcome you as the beneficiary of the deposit.

My duty as a registered Chamber is to back-up this transaction with an Affidavit of Ownership in your favour of you .Please indicate your willingness assistance in-order to conclude this business within . All we needed from you is honesty and assurance that you will let him have his share of the money once you received it.

The mode of sharing as agreed with my client, after a successful transaction would be as follows: 80% for my client the Depositor, 20% will go to you. I must you that this transaction is 100% legal and risk free. Please treat this business with utmost honesty and confidentiality. Upon the receipt of the following requested informations,the immediate commencement of this transaction will commence .

1, your full and address
2, your direct phone and fax number

Note; I must prepare an agreement that you shall endorse/sing proving you will honestly receive this fund on behalf of my client and let him have his share. On receipt of the above stated information's I will legalize the vital document, which must be forwarded to Global Security Firm along with the Certificates of the deposit on your behalf. Please do not hesitate call me urgently on the above stated phone number for more clarification.

Awaiting your prompt response whether accepted or not.

Yours faithfully,

Barrister Kelvin Williams

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