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Library search

From: Hageseter, Trond E.
Subject: Library search
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:26:30 +0200


Because we have organized our source code in two separate trees, I have
found a "problem".
If the GTAGSLIBPATH is set, the -s and -r options does not search the
paths named in GTAGSLIBPATH. I changed that in the code myself, and for
the -s option at least it worked great. 

What is the reason that this is not enabled in the current version?

Best regards
Trond E. Hagesæter             e-mail:  address@hidden
Consultant                     direct:  +47 6712 7161
Teleplan A/S                   mobile:  +47 9306 7161
Fornebuvn. 33-35, P.O. Box 69  fax:     +47 6712 7101
N-1324 Lysaker, Norway

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