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RE: Library search

From: Hageseter, Trond E.
Subject: RE: Library search
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 09:04:44 +0200

OK, if you have a constant or a define in your code, and you need to see
how it is defined, the global -s option would list all places where it
is either used or defined. I would like to run "global ThisIsMyConstant"
and then jump directly to the location where it is defined.


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From: Shigio Yamaguchi [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 11. oktober 2001 08:54
To: Hageseter, Trond E.
Cc: Shigio Yamaguchi; address@hidden
Subject: Re: Library search

> A constant can be seen as a kind of "definition". It would be nice to
> able to jump directly to see how and where it is defined. If you treat
> it only as a symbol, the "definition" of it would drown in the output
> from "global -s" if it is heavily used in the code.

I don't understand what do you want to do.
Would you please show me a example?
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