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possible Global bug - not picking up symols?

From: jan
Subject: possible Global bug - not picking up symols?
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 11:09:37 +0100

(if anything below is unclear, please shout!  I will try to explain better)
(also please acknowledge that it's been received, just so I know it's
not got lost)

this bug (if it is a bug) seems to have been around a long time. I can
see a reference to something like this here, from 2007

I installed Global yesterday, as part of setting up emacs as a proper
IDE,  and started to play. I built the tag table and the very first
thing I did was pick a random symbol and look for it.
Global couldn't find it, which caused me a couple of hours more
playing and reading the manual. I still don't get it. Maybe it's me.

I am also very, very rusty with C++ so I may be getting things wrong there.

The project is gromacs <http://www.gromacs.org/>.

The size of the project source is 43.6MB. The total size of
gpath/grtags/gtags is 17.4MB.  The documentation implies these would
be about the size of the original source file, but this is ~1/3rd the
size so I'm surprised.

I looked for a constructor
"AnalysisDataPointSetRef::AnalysisDataPointSetRef". It can't find this
or even "AnalysisDataPointSetRef" by itself. It can't seem to find a
number of symbols.

If I generate the HTML it
AnalysisDataPointSetRef::AnalysisDataPointSetRef shows up, but without
underlining. In fact quite a number of symbols show up without
underlining in that source file. The following is from the HTML file
with recognised (underlined) items made upper case.

 (int index, REAL X_, REAL dx) :
    GMX_ASSERT(index >= 0, "Invalid frame index");

Non underlined items are
AnalysisDataFrameHeader::AnalysisDataFrameHeader, index_, index, x and
dx. Therefore it seems not to be picking these up?

Looking for these it can find the underlined ones:

>>>global dx_


>>>global index

>From the same file, another example; similar constructor but
conventional parameters are being inconsistenly picked up. As before
underlined items are made upper case here:

                        (const AnalysisDataFrameHeader&  HEADER,
                  const AnalysisDataPointSetInfo& pointSetInfo,
                  const ANALYSISDATAVALUESREF&    values)

So it can see HEADER and ANALYSISDATAVALUESREF but apparently nothing else?

OS is windows 2008R2.
Global version is 6.6.3
The project compiles cleanly so it's not been confused by syntax errors.

Happy to help further.



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