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Re: gmp-3.1.1 make error on MacOS X

From: Koen Vervloesem
Subject: Re: gmp-3.1.1 make error on MacOS X
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 15:42:12 +0200

Thanks for the help, Kevin, but now make still gives errors. I started configure, removed the line you mentioned in config.m4, and then did "make". I have include the output of make as an attachment. Is the "Nothing to be done for 'all'" statement on the 4th line normal? He also complains for a junk character in tmp-add_n.s, and then comes a list of four errors. Are these errors caused by another reason than assembler syntax?

Thanks in advance,

Koen Vervloesem

Op zaterdag 11 augustus 2001 om 22:48 schreef Kevin Ryde:

Koen Vervloesem <address@hidden> writes:

Half a year ago I compiled gmp-3.1.1 successfully on Yellow Dog Linux
1.2 on my iMac, but now I can't do the same on MacOS X. When I run
"./configure" all seems ok, but "make" gives errors; I include the
output in make.log, and I add config.log and config.m4.

GMP 3.1.1 was released prior to darwin and doesn't choose the right
assembler syntax.  Patch to configure below, or alternately you can
manually remove the line


from the generated config.m4.

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