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[Bug-gnupedia] Nupedia

From: Jimmy Wales
Subject: [Bug-gnupedia] Nupedia
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:37:04 -0600
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I would like everyone here to please investigate 

We have been in existence for a year now, and we have
over 2500 contributors already organized into peer review
groups, with editorial support in place, etc.  The energy
of the project continues to grow.  WE WANT YOUR HELP.  :-)

Richard Stallman has been aware of us for awhile now, and
within the past two weeks he offered to me that we (Nupedia
and Richard Stallman) could do a joint announcement of Nupedia's
switch from our own (home-grown) license to Gnu's GFDL.

Instead, he chose to announce a new, and totally unrelated project.  I
do not know why.  Some (on slashdot) have speculated in a negative way
about Richard, but I have the utmost respect for him and believe that
there must be some reasonable explanation for this.

I have invited Hector Arena to join our project, and I really hope
that all of the effort here will be focussed toward the existing
project, rather than forking for no reason at all.


*            http://www.nupedia.com/            *
*  The Ever Expanding Open Source Encyclopedia  *

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