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protocol error

From: Mitchelllfc30
Subject: protocol error
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 06:23:03 EST

hello good morning
                           guys can you help me out here please i keep getting a protocol error while running winboard 4.2.7 it tells me everything is ok handshake etc etc etc but it will not connect..i got a laptop here and everything works fine on that but it just wont work at all on my sons pc...i have a netgear router my ip is (aol) i have 1024 mb of ram a 250gb h/d and the damn program wont run....another that happens is while it trys to connect then after about 40-45 seconds protocol error comes up...after that then i cannot connect to the internet via aol\or ie which means i got to re-boot....if you guys can help me out here with this problem it will be appreciated...aol cant help me so know i only hope you guys can.
                                                                                                          Thank You

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