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[Bug-gnu-emacs] Re: C-x C-q more useful as toggle-read-only

From: Richard M. Alderson III
Subject: [Bug-gnu-emacs] Re: C-x C-q more useful as toggle-read-only
Date: 19 Sep 2000 22:53:36 GMT

In article <200009181542.e8IFgdl10740@stay.intouchsys.com>
gildea@intouchsys.com (Stephen Gildea) writes:

> Emacs 19 changed C-x C-q to do some version control operation.  This didn't
> seem so useful to me, because I use the old meaning of C-x C-q all the time,
> even on versioned files.

Must be later than 19.28, which I used for years until installing 20.7 a couple
of months ago.

I was recently screwed by the changed behaviour of C-x C-q:  I was looking at
a file from our source repository, and wanted to make some change, then save it
into my own development directory (an operation I have executed for decades,
under TECO EMACS as well as GNU).

Imagine my surprise when it wrote out a new version of the file into the source
repository!  I had to go get a backup tape and restore, to get the file dates
back in sync.

> Please change C-x C-q back to doing toggle-read-only.

I agree.

Rich Alderson                   Last LOTS Tops-20 Systems Programmer, 1984-1991
                                Current maintainer, MIT TECO EMACS (v. 170)
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Rich Alderson                                              alderson@netcom.com
                     until 30 Sept 2000, when shell accounts go away from here.
                                               I'll post from Panix after that.
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