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setting eol-type for new files

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: setting eol-type for new files
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:39:14 EDT

I run Emacs 20.7 in a mixed environment where there are Windows/NT and
Unix machines accessing NT and Unix file systems.  I would like Emacs
running on NT to write new files on a Unix file system with the Unix
end-of-line convention.  I also want my default coding system to be
Latin 1; many of my files contain accented letters.

Existing files work great: Emacs automatically detects the eol type
in the file and sets its coding to match.

Non-existing files could be made to work by adding the Unix drives to
file-name-buffer-file-type-alist or by using add-untranslated-filesystem
on them.  But declaring a file to be binary or untranslated inhibits
turning on Latin 1 conversion, so it's not a solution here.

For existing files, find-operation-coding-system nicely provides a
hook I can use by calling modify-coding-system-alist.  [and just when
you thought this message was going to end without a bug report...]
I wonder: is it a bug that find-operation-coding-system does not get
called when visiting a new file?  It would seem more consistent and
more useful if it were always called.

So that's the list of what I've tried already.  What am I missing?

Ideally, I would find a clear and simple way to specify default
character codings and eol types (independently) for existing and new
files (independently) according to file name.

 < Stephen

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