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Re: C-x C-c needs to say more than just "save file...?"

From: Charles Sebold
Subject: Re: C-x C-c needs to say more than just "save file...?"
Date: 03 Jan 2001 09:23:14 -0600
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On 8 Teveth 5761, sen ml wrote:

>> Furthermore, if one accidentally hits the little button to kill
>> window in the corner of the emacs window, one is given a pop-up menu
>> called "Question", with one of the choices mentioning killing emacs
>> etc, however other options on that menu also have the effect of
>> killing emacs, [as does killing this pop-up window!] one would think
>> the other choices wouldn't kill emacs due to them not also mentioning
>> it.
> fwiw, i don't seem to have such a little button in my environment.

He may have been speaking of "windows" in the X11 window-manager sense
of the word, in which case he would be asking that before a window be
killed by clicking a close button that the window manager provides,
Emacs should try to verify the action.  (Just a thought.)
Charles Sebold
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