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more than one-line minibuffer needed for eval-last-sexp output

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: more than one-line minibuffer needed for eval-last-sexp output
Date: 20 Jan 2001 14:52:45 +0800
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[Isn't it neat that I'm finding stuff that hasn't been fixed in about
20 years?  My bug reports might seem dull, but it's my only way of
making a contribution to the free software effort.]

OK, go to the *scratch* buffer, or most buffers actually.
Type: auto-mode-alist ^X^E
to do a eval-last-sexp on this rather long valued variable, or your
favorite other long valued variable.

Notice that the minibuffer doesn't crack open to give you the several
lines needed to display the value.  These days that would seem a
common courtesy of the minibuffer to do, however eval-last-sexp still
uses the conservative single lined minibuffer approach.. ok whatever,
anyways obviously something should be done in order to usefully see
the output.  Sure one can hit ^U^X^E but that's not the point.
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