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grep mode deserves its own variables and hooks

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: grep mode deserves its own variables and hooks
Date: 23 Jan 2001 09:26:58 +0800
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Regarding the variable compilation-scroll-output,
*Non-nil to scroll the *compilation* buffer window as output appears.

Setting it causes the compilation-mode commands to put point at the
end of their output window so that the end of the output is always
visible rather than the beginning.
Yeah, but is it elegant to drag grep-mode's behaviour along with it?

No excuses, the mode line says "grep", not "Compilation", so it
deserves its own variables, hooks, etc.  I'm sure you can figure out a
historical compatibility method to not perturb habituated users with
customizations in pace, some thing like 'run grep hook, if it is nil,
then run compilation hook; grep hook = t avoids running compilation
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