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modify-face doesn't mention all the defaults in the minibuffer

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: modify-face doesn't mention all the defaults in the minibuffer
Date: 23 Jan 2001 10:59:16 +0800
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In info it says
   Another more basic way to set the attributes of a specific face is
with `M-x modify-face'.  This command reads the name of a face, then
reads the attributes one by one.  For the color and stipple attributes,
the attribute's current value is the default--type just <RET> if you
don't want to change that attribute.  Type `none' if you want to clear
out the attribute.

OK, during the query the user process it doesn't mention what the
current default for stipple is in the minibuffer, and the several y or
n questions, it doesn't provide a default choice, and doesn't allow
RET as an answer.  Also (describe-function (quote modify-face)) could
give a few more tips like info does here.

By the way, looking at list-faces-display's output, one would also
want a C-u list-faces-display, giving also the details on each face;
details suitable for plugging into the arguments of the command

Also, say you find that your GNU/Linux distributor has cranked
font-lock-comment-face into a hard to read deep red state, you see
another face you like, can you somehow do (put 'font-lock-comment-face
'font-lock-warning-face) or whatever?  You don't explain it, at least
on a brief peek I did, so add to docs...
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