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C-w, ESC w should allow C-u arg for appending to kill ring

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: C-w, ESC w should allow C-u arg for appending to kill ring
Date: 15 Feb 2001 20:55:07 +0800
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  In the end I found a solution, so this 'bug report' may at most be
  considered some slight document improvement suggestions.  Here's what
  I was going to say anyway:

>From the C-h k help for C-w and M-w, one doesn't see mention of how one
could utilize, say, a C-u argument.

I often find myself wanting to glob together _disparate_ parts of a
say, read-only file, by going around and hitting ESC w on various
parts of that file.  It sure would be nice if ESC w would accept a C-u
to tell it to append to kill ring instead of just making more kill
ring entries. The same goes for C-w, I suppose.  I'm sorry  if this
doesn't mesh with what C-u C-k does [kill 4 lines], but "kill 4
regions" wouldn't make sense anyways, at least currently.

Yes, I know "If the previous command was also a kill command,(
the text killed this time appends to the text killed last time
to make one entry in the kill ring." but I said _disparate_.)

Wait, I just saw in info:
"   If a kill command is separated from the last kill command by other
commands (not just numeric arguments), it starts a new entry on the kill
ring.  But you can force it to append by first typing the command
`C-M-w' (`append-next-kill') right before it.  The `C-M-w' tells the
following command, if it is a kill command, to append the text it kills
to the last killed text, instead of starting a new entry.  With
`C-M-w', you can kill several separated pieces of text and accumulate
them to be yanked back in one place."

OK, sure wish there was a hint about this when I hit C-h k...
I bet Microsoft doesn't have two disparate help systems :-)
[OK, I know info and help have different puropses.]

OK, but my proposal for C-u M-w in addition to the current C-M-w M-w
would save, [let's see, for me, never learned the alt key: "escape C-w
escape w" versus my brilliant proposal of "C-u escape w"] a total of 1
keystroke, therefore: never mind, no big deal, sorry.
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