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ispell mode deficiencies

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: ispell mode deficiencies
Date: 15 Feb 2001 21:51:44 +0800
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do ispell-complete-word like this
SY ESC TAB, to find all completion for SY... Notice that the choices
go way up into the octals \243 etc.  My point is that doesn't seem to
be an ideal way of mentioning a choice.  Probably the user has a more
familiar symbol for those characters...

Now do
diag ESC TAB
notice even with this smaller set of choices,

(0) diagnosable  (1) diagnose  (2) diagnosed  (3) diagnoses  (4) diagnosing  
(5) diagnosis
(6) diagnostic  (7) diagnostician  (8) diagnostics  (9) diagonal  (:) diagonally
(;) diagonals  (<) diagram  (=) diagrammable  (>) diagrammatic  (@) 
(B) diagrammed  (C) diagrammer  (D) diagrammers  (E) diagramming  (F) diagrams

we are given the capital letters requiring the shift key, etc, in
strict ascii order... it should instead default to giving the easier
to type non shifted keys first...

I didn't check but perhaps optionally also enable ordering choices by
commonality [dusty words at back, common words on top...] perhaps a
seperate funtion is better than just a variable...

[I made a note to the email address in the ispell.el file].

By the way, C-h f ispell gives very little help.  One would think of
using C-h m when in ispell mode, but one is hardly ever in ispell mode
[ok, it has it's own help stuff... but do mention that fact at least
at C-h f ispell], so C-h f ispell should be beefed up.  I think the
future contents can be extracted from the lengthly comments in
ispell.el .
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