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Re: many *Man ... buffers frustrating

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: many *Man ... buffers frustrating
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:46:31 +0100

address@hidden (Dan Jacobson) writes:

   Maybe allow an option for user configured man page buffer names: (setq
   man-buffer-name-string "%s man page") in .emacs

I like this.  If there are no objections, I will implement it, as it is
backward compatible.

However, it cannot be the default, because Emacs has the convention of
using a star-initiaded name for buffers not connected to files.

Maybe the choice of *Man name* was not a good one.  
Maybe *name man page* would be better.

Opinions?  (to me, please)

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