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no list-registers command; no Info place marks; rename Info buffer, mode

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: no list-registers command; no Info place marks; rename Info buffer, mode line unfazed
Date: 24 Feb 2001 18:43:04 +0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/20.7

Small bug: If one renames an Info buffer, that change does not show up in the
buffer's mode line, one can only see it via list-buffers.

                       Want place marks in Info

The Info documentation doesn't seem to mention a way for one to mark a
certain info page for quick return to later.  E.g., I am on an
interesting Info page and I want to mark this page (this point on this
page) as "a".  Later on while browsing another part of the info tree, I
want to return to "a", so I would want to use "ja" 'jump to a'.
(Though I can get back via "l" now, it would be good if info 'pushed a
[page] mark' at that point.) etc. etc.

Oh wait, this all can be accomplished with today's point-to-register
command, C-x r SPC.  Make sure the info introduction mentions "if you
are using the emacs interface to info, you can use C-x r SPC
(point-to-register) to mark spots inside the info system for easy
return to later via... You can even bookmark across session via..."
[but what if you use the standalone info] :mention that too.  [<--Wow,
I just invented the backwards colon usage.]

If any of this were mentioned, one wouldn't think of using the 'rename
buffer' technique used for keeping multiple *Help* windows.

Oops: bad news: go to the date info page, sent the mark d.  Go to the
gawk info page, set the mark g.  Now goto each mark. They are the
same, as we are dealing with the same info buffer.  So I guess it's
back to the 'rename buffer' technique. 

               No apropos matches for `list.*register'

Amongst the various register commands, one cannot find one for listing
out all the registers one has been assigning.  At least the info page
should mention how to dig this info out of emacs, as all those single
key names are easy to loose track of after two or three.

One could envision output:
Register Character position Buffer File
a        304                bla    /usr/bla
b        999                *Info* /info/gawk.info.bz2

or compact header:
Reg Pos Buffer File

Anyway, please add a "list-registers" command.

One would think that TAB might show all choices for register names
when emacs asks us which register we want to jump to.  But no, TAB is
a register name itself.  Nothing bad about that of course.

Another point to consider is when saving point-to-register, one _just
might_ like to be warned if he is about to overwrite on of the current
registers he has previously assigned.  In this case a TAB or ? at the
point-to-register prompt would be useful to see which ones are already
in use and thus should be avoided.  But no, ? and TAB are register
names candidates too, as if A-Z a-z etc. aren't enough already, and
none can be spared for querying at prompt?

OK, what about the Bookmarks facility?  Looked promising for marking
spots in the Info tree, however after setting
% Bookmark
- --------
  Bookmarks                     /usr/share/info/emacs
  gawk                          /usr/share/info/gawk

It of course couldn't find those spots
Try it yourself:
C-h i C-x r m o return C-x r b return

Perhaps it's .info.bz2 etc., several factor involved.  Looks involved.

I also notice that if list-bookmarks in invoked via
repeat-complex-command, its buffer doesn't pop back up.

I also note that the above header line could be beefed up like my
version above, at least add "File".  Also why no file offset
position indication?  What if one has several bookmarks in the same

Why doesn't TAB also show choices when _setting_ bookmarks?  That would
be a quick way to avoid overwriting current bookmark names.

Funny it prompts you with the last name you used, almost inviting you
to overwrite it, and doesn't warn you if you are overwriting a
current bookmark... OK, I understand thats usually what you want to
do, but there should be a variable enabling warnings.
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