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the elisp debugger manual chapter has not been written yet

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: the elisp debugger manual chapter has not been written yet
Date: 14 Apr 2001 10:13:32 +0800
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I am amazed at the scanty information for the elisp debugger in the
official Emacs Info tree.

In Info, going to each of

* Key Index::           An item for each standard Emacs key sequence.
* Command Index::       An item for each command name.
* Variable Index::      An item for each documented variable.
* Concept Index::       An item for each concept.

and doing an (occur "debug") finds only one scanty reference to
  213:* debug_print:                           Checklist.

In there, there is the single passing reference to

     To make a backtrace for the error, evaluate the Lisp expression
     `(setq debug-on-error t)' before the error happens (that is to

No wonder nobody ever told me about the much more convenient
toggle-debug-on-error function, as the Emacs manual chapter about the
elisp debugger has not been written yet.  No wonder the relevant
variables and functions cannot be found in the indexes. No?

Certainly a magnet for debugger info is this node:

    File: emacs,  Node: Debuggers

    Running Debuggers Under Emacs

    The GUD (Grand Unified Debugger) library provides an interface to
    various symbolic debuggers from within Emacs.  We recommend the debugger

But does one see a mention to the most basic debugger to emacs?
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