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Re: compile-goto-error but for gdb backtrace output

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: compile-goto-error but for gdb backtrace output
Date: 17 Apr 2001 12:39:10 +0200
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address@hidden (Eli Zaretskii) writes:

|> On 16 Apr 2001, Dan Jacobson wrote:
|> > Looking at a gdb backtrace, in buffer *gud-some_file* 
|> > 
|> > #7  0x8048e3d in read_tm (x_and_y_pair=0xbffff894, the_island=0xbffff870, 
|> >     one_line=0xbffff7ec "#comments have # at beginning\n") at funcs.c:225
|> > #8  0x8048597 in main () at tm2pole.c:41
|> > 
|> > one wonders if one could put the cursor on line "#7" and hit some key
|> > and be taken to that spot in that file, like in compile, grep, occur,
|> > etc. etc,. modes.  This would be a nice addition to debugger mode.
|> AFAICS, it already works that way if you invoke Speedbar.
|> In addition, typing "up 7" (to get to frame 7)

This will only work if you are currently at the innermost frame.  To
address the frame in an absolute manner, use "frame 7" (or just "f 7" for


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