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FTP under emacs

From: Alexandre Carvalho Sanches
Subject: FTP under emacs
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 11:52:49 -0300

I work in a I/T segment company and we need to use emacs for software programming. I have got the full emacs 20.7 because it is the only one that I found with the FTP utility. We need to open and save files remotly and emacs can do it very well, however I am having some problems to do it on our W98/ W200 workstations. The problem goes as described above:
When I try to open a remote file with : "Ctrl+x Ctrl+f " and type /<user>@<host:<directory>, emacs asks for password and after I type it the following message appears:
Comando de ajuda inv lido foo.
open afrodite
Conectado a afrodite.cleartech.com.br.
220 brsccts01 FTP server (This system is for authorized users only. Monitoring may occur) ready.
The line "Comando de ajuda inv lido foo." is the windows ftp help output when I type "help foo" on the windows ftp.
I found the "help foo \n" command on the ange-ftp.elc file. I suppose that it could be the cause of the problem.
PS.: On a NT workstation it runs without problems.
Please, we need it to run emacs on our company, if you guys know whats the problem, contact me.
Best regards,
Alexandre Sanches

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