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could you please help me with my problem

From: Chris Bildfell
Subject: could you please help me with my problem
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 12:01:46 -0400 (EDT)

        Hello, my name is Chris Bildfell and I have a problem with my
emacs editor...

        my emacs version number is: GNU Emacs 20.3.1
        my machine is: (sparc-Sun-Solaris2.6, X toolkit) phobos

This problem can occur with any file but there must be a file loaded in
the editor.

The command sequence for my problem is the following:

from the tcshell prompt (/>):
/> emacs filename

once emacs is open and the file is being displayed in the editor:

any arbitrary changes too the file such as the following sequence; 'del'
'tab' 'm' 't' 'b' 'ret'.

Then the program's auto-save function kicks in...

Once the file called "filename" has been auto-saved I type the propper
keystrokes to exit the editor without saving the changes in the buffer:

C-x C-c

when this is complete the program is closed properly.
this is where the problem occurs...
when i check the contents of the directory using the command:

ls -l | more

not only does the auto-saved file "#filename#" appear but also another
called ".#filename -> bildfell@phobos.astro.uwo.ca.'some number':1"

The origin of this extra, unwanted file is puzzleing to me.

This problem will only occur if there is a file loaded in the editor.  It
will not happen for the situation where emacs is run from the shell using
the command emacs -q.  However, it will happen if emacs is started from
the shell with the command emacs -q and then the emacs command C-x C-f

an example of this in action is with the file named: zabn3.f
generating the autosave file #zabn3.f# and the file .#zabn3.f ->

It may also be interesting to note that the unwanted file seems to have
been created one minute prior to the auto-save file in the above case.

Also, when I tried to check the contents of the unwanted file with the
command more .#filename -> bildfell@phobos.astro.uwo.ca.23013:1
I get the error message: ".#filename: no such file or directory
                          -: No such file or directory"

These unwanted files which are linked to some email address containing my
name have also been found scattered in another person's home directory.

Thank you for your patience
I hope someone will be able to shed some light on this problem


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