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Re: add non damaging kill-line

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: add non damaging kill-line
Date: 13 Jun 2001 02:41:36 +0800
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>>>>> "Kalle" == Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <address@hidden> writes:

Kalle> Dan Jacobson writes:
>> If you come to think about it, telling people to use C-k in
>> read-only buffers is very bad practice, as you are encouraging them to
>> use a command that causes an error ["read-only buffer"] upon each
>> invocation, and this is then supposed to be a "normal practice" with
>> the visual bell etc. flashing at each use.

Kalle> The errors can be disabled with the variable kill-read-only-ok,
Kalle> which the Emacs 20.7 manual does not mention.  (Tried "s" in Info.)

This is all on the wrong track, I tell ya.  A Hack philosophy.  You've
got a key that is doing different things depending on the read-only
status of the buffer.  Do nine instances of using C-k to "save line as
killed but don't kill it" in read only buffers, and then I give you a
read-write buffer and you'll certainly take the ease of C-k [C-k...] C-y C-x
C-s over the fuss of C-@ C-e M-w C-a, especially when you've already
been habituated that all one needs is C-k [C-k...] and not even the
C-y C-x C-s.

So you get "Jones, why every time I ask you to look around in that
file, you insist on writing it again to disk?"

So instead on introducing this schizophrenia with one key doing
different things, I say add a "non damaging kill-line" that works the
same regardless of what the read-only flag is set to.

>> the reckless cop-out C-k C-y [why train the user cut an article
>> out of the newspaper just to photocopy it, then paste it back,
>> when he could just photocopy it in place, if it weren't such a
>> finger twister.]

Kalle> :-)

Kalle> I have a brother who doesn't like Emacs.  He uses an editor that
Kalle> has the cut, copy and paste functions accessible as "-+*" in the
Kalle> number pad.  He never uses the copy key -- he just cuts and
Kalle> pastes right back.  Now what do you make of that?

yup, so along with 'buffer modified' one starts making #backups#, and
then the file date gets rewritten, and it becomes a weekly backup
candidate, etc.
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