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another "hung" for multi-display C&P

From: Adam
Subject: another "hung" for multi-display C&P
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 21:52:56 -0500 (EST)

        There's another case when i copy and paste text
        from one frame on one *display* to another frame on
        differenet *display*. However unlike the bug I reported
        before, when I could easily "unhung" the server by merely
        going back and pressing button on original display here it
        appears to be hung for number of seconds, which I have to
        wait for it to unhung itself.

        running emacs under gdb, and ctrl-z when it is hung and
        then typing xbacktrace yelds following result:

(gdb) xbacktrace
0x814bff8 "x-get-selection-internal"
0x818fe0c "x-get-selection"
0x8144684 "byte-code"
0x8318bb4 "x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value"
0x8161e34 "current-kill"
0x815c58c "yank"
0x81a02a4 "mouse-yank-at-click"
0x8144718 "call-interactively"

        then doing more checking on what's going in
        x-get-selection-internal we can see that it calls


        which in turn calls (and hung for some time on)

                  wait_reading_process_input (secs, usecs, 
reading_selection_reply, 0);

        the whole hung can be activated by doing copy and paste
        between displays.

        so the big question, any ideas or insight on what might be
        going wrong here and why it is tryign to get some new input?

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