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Re: mule Chinese input inconveniences

From: Bill Richter
Subject: Re: mule Chinese input inconveniences
Date: 27 Jul 2001 21:35:44 -0500
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Everything you say makes good sense to me, Miles.

   In the Japanese input method, C-SPC is bound to a function that
   discards everything but the first character, and exits the
   selection mode (actually, you could argue that this is what the
   Chinese binding does too, as you're never inputting more than one
   character at a time!).


   p.s. When I say `Chinese input method,' I mean `chinese-py'.

I suppose that's what I mean.  When I say GB, I mean:

(defun GB ()   
  "Switches to GB-mule."
  (if window-system
        (set-language-environment "Chinese-GB")
        (set-input-method "chinese-py-punct"))))


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