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Re: Futile bug reports?

From: Bill Richter
Subject: Re: Futile bug reports?
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 21:31:33 -0500

   I use "manual" and "documentation" synonymously.  The documentation
   that our policy applies to includes everything that ought to be
   included in the software package in order to document it clearly.

Thanks for clarifying, Richard.

   Where a programming language is involved, the introduction and
   reference manual for the language are definitely a part of what the
   documentation should cover.

OK, great.  I have no problem with your policy then.  But let me just
test to see if I got it right:

The textbook of a first-year Scheme course, such as SICP or HTDP,
would then *not* be considered a "manual", so there is no policy
violation in recommending SICP on g.e.h.  Agreed?

What about recommending SICP on a guile mailing list?  Or recommending
Kernighan & Ritchie's C book (K&R) on gnu.gcc.bug/help?  I still don't
see a violation, but it's a tougher issue.  

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