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Re: Futile bug reports?

From: Bill Richter
Subject: Re: Futile bug reports?
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 19:51:20 -0500

   You are arguing about a gray area.  Many distinctions have gray
   areas, and it is possible to argue ad infinitem about precisely
   where to draw the line through one.

   I don't think it is vital to narrow down this particular gray area
   just now, so I had better do my other work.

Richard, I don't want to interfere with your work, so I'll give it up,
but I contend:

1) the "free manuals" policy hasn't been clearly explained (or maybe
   even formulated), and therefore

2) on g.e.h., when somebody hawks a proprietary Emacs book, the hawker
   should not be shouted down with slogans about "free manuals", but
   instead the hawker should be told

3) "Please do not discuss this proprietary Emacs book on g.e.help.
   This book directly cuts into much needed funds for the FSF.
   Instead, please go purchase and read the Emacs manual, the Emacs
   Lisp reference manual, and Chassell's intro-to-lisp.  Then start up
   a discussion about these FSF manuals.   If you must discuss this
   proprietary Emacs book, please take it to comp.emacs.  Thanks."

4) if necessary, rewrite the charter for g.e.help accordingly.

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