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shell on AMD ok. Norton culpable

From: Jim Funderburk
Subject: shell on AMD ok. Norton culpable
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 06:55:07 GMT

I thought I should post that the problem I had reported
on being unable to get M-x shell to work on an upgraded
AMD processor computer has been solved.

The dealer had installed Norton 2000 antivirus, and
when I disabled this,  M-x shell began working like
it should.  A subsequent inquiry to the dealer said that
some of his customers have had to also disable
the 'autoprotect' feature of Norton antivirus to get some
DOS-based programs to work.

Jeff Dwork, who works for AMD, sent me an E-mail
that he uses M-x shell successfully on AMD computers,
and this gave me the right push to discover the Norton

Is this conflict already known and mentioned somewhere
in the EMACS literature?

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