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disabled command message improvements

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: disabled command message improvements
Date: 30 Aug 2001 02:45:17 +0800
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Here I comment to make improvements to the standard disabled command
message below.  At least consider adjusting the non-parallel sentences
problem noted.

> You have invoked the disabled command [some-command][...]
> You can now type
> Space to try the command just this once, but leave it disabled,
> Y to try it and enable it (no questions if you use it again),

[add a note perhaps that it will make note of your choice in the
.emacs file to affect later sessions].  [explicitly mention later sessions].

> ! to try it and enable all commands in this session, or

"all commands"? weren't we talking about "it"?  Give me back my parallel
sentences :-(  Oh, I see, it is talking about "all disabled commands",
OK, then please say so.

This means we are missing a choice "to try it and enable it in this
session".  Indeed, this might be the next most popular choice besides
n and "SPC".

> N to do nothing (command remains disabled).

Regarding Y and N: perhaps write y and n, as that is how we are
prompted in the minibuffer.  "Space" perhaps standardize
with SPC.  Indeed my eyes missed this choice at first... but wait, the
minibuffer prompts with Space, so never mind.

Also maybe tell the user what to do if he hits ! but then wishes he
hit SPC instead.

uh oh: humor: is the minibuffer connected to mini-me of Austin Powers movie?
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