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Re: Emacs 21.1 MORE.STUFF buglets and suggestions

From: Alex Schroeder
Subject: Re: Emacs 21.1 MORE.STUFF buglets and suggestions
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 23:53:20 +0100
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> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Martin Schwenke wrote:
>> The Emacs 21.1 version of MORE.STUFF mentions ...

MORE.STUFF also contains more on "The LCD archive".  Indeed it seems
that the archive is open, if you look at
ftp://ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/emacs-lisp/NEWS but when you read
ftp://ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/emacs-lisp/WWW/index.html you get the
full story:

    Lispmeralda - 2001/06/10
    The most recent news is that this archive will probably merge with Emacs 
    List into Lispmeralada. We hope to have something working soon. Thanks for 

    Intent to close - 2001/05/02
    Well, due to time constraints on my part, I currently plan to close the OSU
    Emacs Lisp archive as soon as Savannah allows for non-GNU programs. 
Savannah is
    a much more advanced technology; it will allow for CVS access, etc. But the
    archive will remain open until that time, and probably some time after. Feel
    free to mail your comments about this to address@hidden

This seems to indicate that at the moment, "The Ohio State Emacs Lisp
Archive" is practically closed.  I don't know wether that means the
LCD entry in MORE.STUFF should stay or go...


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