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Freeze Dried Poi Is Here At Last

From: The Poi Company
Subject: Freeze Dried Poi Is Here At Last
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 23:28:20 -0500 (EST)

Poi to the World!
The Poi Company, Inc.
Happy Holidays from The Poi Company.
We're pleased to announce that our Freeze-Dried Poi is here.
We also have a couple of nice gift boxes for the holidays.
Freeze Dried Poi Available Now
Freeze Dried Poi - 7 oz. can makes almost 3 1/2 pounds of poi

A great holiday present.
Poi Lavosh, Poi Biscotti & Chef Russell Siu's Hawaiian Coffee in an attractive gift box

The lavosh and biscotti will last up to six months.
Contents of Gift Box

Waikiki - In The Wake of Dreams

Freeze Dried Poi
After three years of research, we're now proud to offer Freeze Dried Poi.

To produce our Freeze Dried Poi we first manufactured fresh pa`i`ai (concentrated poi) and froze it as it came out of the mill. We flew this frozen poi to Oregon where it was freeze dried and packaged. (There are no freeze drying facilities in Hawaii.)

Each vacuum packed can contains 7 oz of powder: enough to make almost 3 1/2 pounds of poi. Each can comes with a resealable plastic lid.

The freeze dried poi will last about one year, so you can always have poi on hand in your cupboard. And it makes an excellent gift for friends on the mainland.

While the price might seem expensive, please remember that this makes almost 3 1/2 pounds of poi.

Order Freeze Dried Poi

Poi Lavosh - Biscotti Gift Box
An 8 oz. package of poi biscotti, a 4 oz. package of poi lavosh and a 1.75 oz. package of Chef Russell Siu's Hawaiian Coffee. Gift wrapped in an attractive box natural box with an Art Deco Hawaiian picture.

Order A Gift Box

Waikiki - In The Wake of Dreams
This rare historical look at the land and the people who call Waikiki home explores their contributions to American culture. From the royal sport of surfing to the invention of the ukulele, the steel guitar, and the modern swimsuit, you’ll discover how a small stretch of sand and its residents have had a far-reaching effect on American life.

The film brings us a Waikiki that for ancient Hawaiians was a place of healing and special power. Later, famous people – from 19th Century writers such as Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson to Hollywood movie stars – visited the legendary spot to savor Hawaiian culture and enjoy the good life.

However, ‘WAIKIKI’ is not really about the countless celebrities who enjoyed Waikiki, rather it is about the ocean, the sand, the music and the people who give the area life.

"We hope this film will inspire people to come back to Waikiki, see it with different eyes, and appreciate its deeper history" says Edgy Lee, the director.

Order Waikiki Video or Book

Nov. 25, 2001

Freeze Dried Poi
Lavosh - Biscotti Gift Box
Contact Details
Waikiki Video and Book

The Poi Company
749 Kopke Street
Honolulu, HI 96819

(800) 943-6636

on Oahu

Visit our Website

We offer next-day UPS service to anywhere in the mainland United States and have a variety of poi products.
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Poi to the World...!

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